Morgan Silas Donnelly

I bring to life stories that relay feelings, words and images of scenes in a warm, and balanced way that has helped others remember their own true knowings.

My role is to help my brothers, and sisters to gain a deeper, clearer understanding of just how magical this world can be.



My psychic reading gift is in story telling -- the stories of you!

With compassion, and a touch of humour, I bring forth your highest good and greatest knowing in the moment. By working with energies I see images, I feel emotions and traumas, and impart my understanding of the symbology that is being used.


I also have interviews with people in the spiritual community, self-improvement tips, and poetry featured on my YouTube channel.

My full YT channel link: click here

Others' Kind words

Highly recommend

I recently did an akashic storytelling session with Morgan. He is truly gifted in his ability to allow the client to experience the visuals and emotion coming through from the Akash. I enjoyed every minute of this session and would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to dive into their records. This was a truly magical experience! I am truly grateful to Morgan for facilitating it.


Confirmation to me

I also just finished a reading with Morgan a hour ago. His reading confirmed for me some things I knew and some that I was unaware of. I'm very grateful to Morgan for this gift. Also, it felt very good to talk with someone who understood this spiritual process we're in right now. Morgan was very easy to talk to (very kind and friendly). I'm still excited about my reading. Thanks again Morgan. I know you will continue to do great things in the future.


Beautiful gifts

I just had my session with Morgan.... WOW, SO AMAZING! Thank you Morgan for sharing your beautiful gifts. I received such beautiful messages today, I am eternally grateful 



About Me

A warrior poet who has roughly dropped his battle chipped and bloodied sword. I have vanquished my foes on long forgotten battlefields. My foe now is the heart; the un-opened heart in those who seek solitude, yet somehow, impossibly, yearn for unity and forgiveness. I pick up my pen, I gather my knowings. I will the join the battle loud once more. Not as a killer. Not as a maimer in blood soaked garb. As companion, as healer, as uplifter of spirit. For the battleground I join is one of hope in a brand new dawn. And by adding my grace there will be peace once more, as the Dove takes wing.

I am an Akashic record reader, medium, channel, and energy intuitive. My unique gift is bringing colourful stories to life. I also delight in word play with poetry and writing.