About Me

The River of Life

A few nudges occurred during my childhood that the world was not as the parents, the books, or the movies portrayed.  Then a mundane routine set in until 2010 when my intuition started to awaken once more.  My daily meditation practice came online in 2014, oddly enough by a random suggestion from a financial investing forum!  Talk about synchronicity! 

Fast forward to a big spiritual moment in 2018 that lead to a strong curiosity in the mystical; I researched what was then to me a new understanding via travelling, books, crystal work, card readings, and attending psychic fairs whenever possible.  Something shifted in me towards the end of 2019 and I started to really dive into watching spiritually themed internet videos.  The expansion of my gifts accelerated.  My discernment increased and I became more selective in what videos I chose to watch.  Heck, I even started my own YouTube channel!  I continued on by enrolling in workshops on social media use, channeling, and the Akashic Records.  My group of friends and my own personal soul tribe vibe increased exponentially.

It is my hope that my life long journey into spirituality can in some way help you on your quest for a deeper understanding and balance in your life here, now.

What is next for me?  No idea but I can’t wait to explore what is behind the doors that open next!!