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Akashic Storytelling session

This entertaining and compassionate psychic readings bring into focus the stories of YOU. My gift is being able to receive stories or movies from Spirit that will entertain you, as well as highlight some issues that Spirit feels you might be ready to move forward on. Like reading a great book, the stories are always fascinating! There may be tears, there may be laughter, there may be "a-ha moments", with the potential for mediumship, channeling, light language, card readings and more to come through in our time together!

  • ~ Exploring the chapters of your lives helps YOU recognize the heroes and villains.
  • ~ Pinpoint plot twists that can then be recognized, acknowledged and cleared. 
  • ~ Just like your favourite Hollywood blockbuster, you can re-imagine the ending!
  • ~ By making a sacred and loving bubble around the session, only the highest and best intention will come through for you.
  • ~ Bring your questions and your curiosity!!

**on-line using Zoom app**

**By arrangement only: Google Duo, Google Meet, and Apple FaceTime are available by pre-booking arrangement**

** Currently able to accept on-line payments via Square, TransferWise or PayPal **

**in-person rates may vary**

Have questions? Check the FAQ below!

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What are the Akashic Records? 

I refer to them as “Your record of YOU — every emotion, every action, every thought you have had had in the past, present or future.”  

Energy flows through the Records, as it does through all of us.  These etheric records are filled with lessons - YOUR lessons.  Some have been learned, some are in progress and some are to be discovered.  Some can also show up as limitations.  

If you have ever met someone and had an instant connection, you may have found a mystery that can be answered, in whole or part with an Akashic record reading by myself or someone else. 

What does a session involve?  Should I bring questions with me? 

YES!  Please bring questions — it helps the energy flow during the session if you have been thinking of several situations where clarity would help you.  I would suggest brainstorming a day or so before our scheduled time together to make a list of 2-5 questions.  

If you want to just show up and let Spirit bring to you what is most helpful in the moment, that works too! 

Typically, after introductions I will ask if you have any questions about the session process such as sitting up, lying down, timing, recording the session or anything about the mechanics of the next hour. Then, I will say that I am going to center myself and ground my energy into Gaia for a moment.  I will close my eyes and open up personal universal energy channels.  Then I will silently ask my guides to work with your guides, for your greatest and highest good in this session.  I will invite you to do the same, by your own method and choice. Next, I will introduce the Akashic records to you, similar to the above section.  When I have your permission, I will proceed in opening up your records and describe what I see!  

Let’s find out what happens, together!

Can I bring a friend? 

Normally these are 1 on 1 sessions.  If both adults are present during the full session and both give full, unhindered permission to have a reading done, then YES!  Given the personal nature of a reading, I stress that each adult must be willing to hear things they may not otherwise choose to know.  

Morgan Donnelly reserves the right to cancel any multiparty session without notice or refund.  Each client and session is unique but those guidelines have worked with other clients. 

 Some sample questions that clients ask in session: 

** Keep in mind our Spirit Team provides just what we need at this time in our unique journey.  Responses to questions are not guaranteed, nor may the response be what you expected. **

- I have always liked ___ and been drawn to them.  Is there a reason for this? 

- what is the significance of my sore body part?  Is there a past life reason? 

- have my spouse and I been together in other lifetimes?   

- what spiritual gifts were available in my past lives that can be applied to this lifetime? 

- have I had a lifetime off planet?  Where do I come from? 

- everywhere I look lately, I see (bird/animal/numbers/colours etc.).  Is there a message there for me?

- I have been dealing with ____ issue for years.  Any new perspective on this?

Payments: As of August 2020, I have the ability to accept Transferwise, Square payments and PayPal.  If you want to use my invite link to sign up for Transferwise: then I get a small finders fee for that.

Cancellation Policy: Prior to 24 hours in advance or be charged a 100% cancellation fee that will be considered a donation. By booking this entertainment appointment, you are agreeing to this Cancellation Policy. 

Terms and Conditions

My services are presented with the best intentions of a layman.  All information or discourse is provided on an entertainment basis only.  

In the event you choose to use any or all of the information on this website, in the links provided, or hire me for my time, you are solely responsible for your actions.  Psychic readings are not future predictions, but rather allow you to become aware of the potentials available based on where you are currently on your life path.

Take what resonates and leave the rest behind. If you need the services of a medical, ethics, legal or psychiatric professional please seek those professionals out in your area.  Plus I hear I have a nice smile.


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